RabbitMQ Topic Exchange Explained
RabbitMQ Headers Exchange Explained
5 Recommended Patterns When Using Cancellation Token in .NET
A .NET Programmer's Guide to CancellationToken
RabbitMQ Fanout Exchange Explained
RabbitMQ Direct Exchange Explained
Rabbit MQ Exchange and Exchange Types: What You Need to Know
Efficient Message Distribution with RabbitMQ: Understanding Round Robin and Fair Dispatching Modes
Exploring Manual and Automatic Acknowledgment in RabbitMQ with .NET
Amazon MQ RabbitMQ: A Reliable Messaging Solution for Your .NET Projects
Efficiently Handle SQS Messages with AWS Lambda Powertools Batch Utility
How To Effectively Manage Sensitive Information in AWS Lambda: Powertools Parameters
How to Effectively Manage Data Lifetime with DynamoDB Time to Live
How To Easily Make Your .NET AWS Lambda Function Idempotent
How To Easily Log Metrics Data From AWS Lambda Using Powertools Library
How To Easily Get Started with AWS Lambda Logging in .NET using Powertools
Learn How to Easily Integrate Lambda Annotations and Other AWS Services
Learn To Deploy AWS Lambda Functions with Ease in JetBrains Rider
Guide To Building AWS Lambda Functions with Ease in JetBrains Rider
Serverless Task Automation: Task Scheduling with AWS Lambda and Amazon EventBridge
Enhancing User Experience: Push Notifications in .NET for Apple Wallet Pass Updates
How To Easily Get Started with AWS Lambda Tracing in .NET using Powertools
Add to Apple Wallet from Your .NET Application: A Step-by-Step Guide
How To Set Up Dependency Injection in Lambda Functions Using Annotations Framework
Serverless API Development Made Easy: Using AWS Lambda Annotations for CRUD
Learn How AWS Lambda Annotations Framework Makes API Gateway Integration Easy.
Batch Delete Item Operations In DynamoDB Using .NET
BatchWriteItem Operations In DynamoDB Using .NET
BatchGetItem Operations In DynamoDB Using .NET
How to Query Secondary Indexes Using DynamoDBContext From the .NET SDK?
.NET DynamoDB SDK: Understanding Table Name Conventions and DynamoDBTable Attribute
Improving Query Performance in DynamoDB with Sparse Indexes and .NET
How To Set Up AWS .NET Mock Lambda Test Tool on JetBrains Rider
Improving Queries Using Local Secondary Index in DynamoDB with .NET
Exploring Global Secondary Index: Advanced Querying in DynamoDB From .NET
Amazon DynamoDB For The .NET Developer
DynamoDB UpdateItem vs. PutItem in .NET - Which One Should You Use?
AWS Lambda For The .NET Developer
How to Implement Optimistic Locking in .NET for Amazon DynamoDB
How to Ensure Data Consistency with DynamoDB Condition Expressions From .NET Applications
How To Solve "Rate exceeded for operation 'AWS::CloudFront::Distribution'." Error?
NServiceBus on AWS SNS: Learn How To Publish and Subscribe to Events
How to Optimize Your DynamoDB Queries With Projection Expressions in .NET
Learn How to Map Complex .NET Types to DynamoDB using Custom Converters
3 Different Ways To Do Data Pagination from Amazon DynamoDB Using .NET
5 Ways To Query Data From Amazon DynamoDB using .NET
Why Should You Care About Lambda Lifecycle As A .NET Developer?
NServiceBus on AWS SQS: Learn How to Quickly Get Started
How To Build and Host ASP NET Core Applications on AWS Lambda Functions
How To Secure and Authenticate AWS Lambda Function URLs
Function URLs - Quick and Easy way to Invoke AWS Lambda Functions over HTTP
SNS→Lambda Or SNS→SQS→Lambda
Amazon SNS and AWS Lambda Triggers in .NET
How to Handle Exceptions When Processing SQS Messages in .NET Lambda Function
Amazon SQS and AWS Lambda Triggers in .NET
Amazon S3 and AWS Lambda Triggers in .NET
How to Handle Exceptions When Processing DynamoDB Stream Events in .NET Lambda Function
DynamoDB Streams and AWS Lambda Trigger in .NET
Using .NET AWS Lambda Authorizer To Secure API Gateway REST API
How To Manage Multiple Stages in Amazon API Gateway REST API?
How To Build an API Gateway REST API Using AWS Lambda Proxy Integration?
Amazon API Gateway - Introduction To Building REST APIs
How To Setup AWS Secret Manager for A Real World .NET Application
Amazon SNS For the .NET Developer: Getting Started Quick and Easy
How Best To Secure Secrets When Building .NET Applications on AWS
Amazon SQS For the .NET Developer: How to Easily Get Started
How To Log Correctly To AWS CloudWatch From a .NET Application
Learn How To Manage Credentials When Building .NET Application on AWS
Amazon S3 For the .NET Developer: How to Easily Get Started
AWS Parameter Store For The .NET Developer: How to Easily Get Started
Amazon API Gateway for the .NET Developer - How To Build HTTP APIs
How To Setup Dependency Injection With Azure Functions ⚡
2021: What Went Well, What Didn't and Goals
Azure Queue Storage For The .NET Developer: How To Easily Get Started
Is Instant Messaging At Work Distracting You?
5 Ways to Handle Application Configuration & Secrets With Azure 🔐
Azure Functions ⚡ For The .NET Developer: How To Easily Get Started
How To PGP Encrypt An S3 File Using AWS Lambda Running Docker Images
2021: Quarter 2 Review and Goals Looking Forward to Quarter 3
What Does It Mean To Be Productive?
Focus On Outcomes And Not Checking Off a List ✔
My Morning Routine
Sometimes All We Need Is Small Push To Keep Rolling
Important Life Lessons Learned From Running
I Had A Bad Start Today. What Can I Do?
I Don't Like Change. But Here's What I'm Doing About It
Waiting on Spouse Approval To Buy? Try This System
What's Stopping You From Writing Online?
Is it Obvious? Maybe It's Not!
Are You Multitasking Within Your Creation Process?
We Need To Fuel Ourselves To Keep Going, But How?
How To Get More Done? Here Is a Simple Trick That Works
Looking To Start A Habit? But It Isn't New Year Yet!
Time's Flying And My Days Are Blank. Is It Really?
Passion Will Get You Started. But Is That Enough?
Bored at Work? Here's What I Did To Make It Fun Again
How To Be Amazingly Good At Asking Questions Online
5 Tips to Make it Impossible to Get Distracted
Book Summary: Write Your Book On The Side by Hassan Osman
Social Media Is Your Best Accountability Partner!
4 Years Since Losing 23 kilos in 6 Months
How Writing Online has Helped Me as A Programmer?
The 5 Productivity Apps I Can't Live Without
The One Thing I Changed About How I Read
What Should I Learn Next?
Capture - The First Step To Creation
How Twitter Changed My Life!
My Writing Sucks
6 Years of The 4 AM Club! Here's How
Hello 'Atomic Essays' World
How to Run and Access DynamoDB Local For Easy Development and Testing
How To Deploy Web App and Web Job In A Single Pipeline
AWS Serverless Refactoring Series: How to Move to Clean Architecture?
AWS Serverless Refactoring Series: How to Improve the Maintainability of Project
Going Serverless on AWS For The .NET Developer: How To Easily Get Started
AWS DynamoDB For The .NET Developer: How To Easily Get Started
2021: Quarter 1 Review and Goals Looking Forward to Quarter 2
How To Protect Your ASP NET Web API Using JWT Authentication
AWS Lambda For The .NET Developer: How To Easily Get Started
Book Summary: Ultralearning by Scott.H. Young
Book Summary: Getting Results the Agile Way by J.D. Meier
Why You Should Avoid Command Handlers Calling Other Commands?
2020: What Went Well, What Didn't and Goals
Understand CORS and Learn How to Enable it for Your ASP NET API
How To Automatically Deploy ARM Templates To Azure Cosmos Emulator
How To Create An ARM Template For Cosmos DB
Are You Using HttpClient in The Right Way?
How To Improve Your Online Reading - Why I Chose Diigo?
How To Easily Generate Data For SpecFlow Tests
How To Continuously Deploy Your .NET Core Azure WebJobs
Migrating My Blog From Hugo To Gatsby
HOW TO: ZIP Multiple CSV Files In ASP.NET
Simulate UI Scenarios For Front-End Development
My YouTube Setup and Workflow
Connect .Net Core To Azure Key Vault In Ten Minutes
Getting Started With Cypress: An End-to-End Testing Framework
Simulating Different Scenarios Using Fake JSON Server API
Let Azure Manage The Username and Password Of Your SQL Connection String
Azure Managed Service Identity And Local Development
Setting Up Cypress + React App + JSON Server + TypeScript
Setting Up A Fake REST API Using JSON Server
Don't Let Entity Framework Fool Your Constructors!
DefaultAzureCredential: Unifying How We Get Azure AD Token
Back To Basics: Constructors and Enforcing Invariants
Generating PDF: .Net Core and Azure Web Application
TypeScript: Use Sum Types To Your Advantage When Modelling Data
Azure DevOps Build Release Pipeline For Create React App
2019: What Went Well, What Didn't and Goals
Dynamically Create Powershell Alias
Setting Up The Windows Terminal
Rename SQL Table and Update Naming Conventions for Associated Keys and Constraints
Bullet Journaling: How To Be More Productive With a Pen and Paper System
How to Authenticate With Microsoft Graph API Using Managed Service Identity
Brisbane To Gold Coast Cycle Challenge, B2GC 2019
Remote Debugging: Azure Virtual Machines With Visual Studio
Cycling To Work: What's in My Bag
Fixed: Jaybird Run - Right Earbud Not Charging
Exercism: A Great Addition To Your Learning Plan
Bulk Import CSV Files Into SQL Server Using SQLBulkCopy and CSVHelper
Variable Snapshotting in Azure DevOps When Using Azure Key Vault
Enable History for Azure DevOps Variable Groups Using Azure Key Vault
Handling Too Many Request Error with Auth0 Using Polly
Azure AD: Restrict Application Access To Users Belonging To A Group
How to Authenticate and Authorize Azure Function with Azure Web App Using Managed Service Identity (MSI)
How To Take iOS App Store Screenshots Using Google Chrome For Cordova Applications
Code Signing MSI Installer and DLLs in Azure DevOps
Setting Up Dual 4K Monitors - Dell P2715Q and Dell U2718Q
Custom Authorization Policy Providers in .Net Core For Checking Multiple Azure AD Security Groups
Tip of the Week: Toggl - A Pomodoro Timer
Building Windows Service Installer on Azure Devops
One Day Trips Around Brisbane
Digital Minimalism: An Experiment To Simplify Online Life
Tip of the Week: Squoosh - Make Images Smaller
Windows Service Using Topshelf, Quartz and Autofac
Migrating Octopress To Hugo
2018: What Went Well, What Didn't and Goals
Query Object Pattern and Entity Framework - Making Readable Queries
Exclude Certain Scripts From Transaction When Using DbUp
.Net Core Web App and Azure AD Security Groups Role Based Access
Azure AD Custom Attributes and Optional Claims from an ASP.Net Application
Setting up DbUp in Azure Pipelines
Tip of the Week: Azure Pipelines - How to Find Remaining Free Build Minutes?
Working Effectively Under Constraints
Subresource Integrity (SRI)
Enable Cross-Origin Requests (CORS) in ASP.Net Web API Using CorsOptions
HTTP Content Security Policy (CSP)
HTTP Strict Transport Security (STS or HSTS)
Ok I Have Got HTTPS! What Next?
Tip of the Week: Kumon Books - Creative Workbooks
Managing Your Postman API Specs
Automated API Testing Using Postman Collection Runner
Tip of the Week: Reading Eggs - Learning To Read Can Be Easy And Fun
Exploring AzureKeyVaultConfigBuilder
Azure Key Vault As A Connected Service in Visual Studio 2017
Tip of the Week: Prettier - An Opinionated Code Formatter
Tip of the Week: Check If You Have Been Hacked!
NDC Security 2018 - Overview and Key Takeaways
Tip of the Week: Authy - Sync Two Factor Authentication Across Devices
HTTPS For Free and Why You Should Care
Share and Inspire
Tip of the Week: Four Finger Swipe Gesture to Switch Between Virtual Machines
Trips for the (Long) Weekend Around Sydney
Setting up Build and Deploy Pipeline for a .NET Core Console Application
Tip of the Week: Text Editing - Convert Text Casing
2017: What Went Well, What Didn't and Goals
Tip of the Week: Laps in Training Mode - Garmin Watches
Scheduling Recurring Jobs With a Cool-Off Period
Tip of the Week: Postman - Chaining Requests to Speed Up Manual API Tests
Tip of the Week: Text Editing - Extract Data
Authenticating with Azure Key Vault Using Managed Service Identity
Tip of the Week: Text Editing - Split or Combine Multiple Lines
Setting up an Electron Application using create-react-app Template
Generating a Large PDF from Website Contents - Merging PDF Files
Tip of the Week: Electronically Sign PDF - No More Printing and Scanning
Tip of the Week: Office Lens - Scan Documents With Your Phone
Tip of the Week: The Headphones Rule
Tip of the Week: Visual Studio Dev Essentials
NDC Sydney 2017
Tip of the Week: Learn Touch Typing
Generating a Large PDF from Website Contents - HTML to PDF, Bookmarks and Handling Empty Pages
Tip of the Week: Analyze Your Site Performance
Generating a Large PDF from Website Contents
Tip of the Week: Chocolatey - Install Softwares With Ease
One Day Trips Around Sydney
Tip of the Week: Testing Your Website Under Different Bandwidths
Azure Web App Restarting Automatically Due to Overwhelming Change Notification
Tip of the Week: Hemingway Editor - Improve Your Writing
Signing a PDF File Using Azure Key Vault
Tip of the Week: Beyond Compare - Compare Files Quick and Easy
Review: Pixel, Phone by Google - Made by Google
Tip of the Week: Grammarly - Improve Your Writing
Left Align Your Code For Better Readability
Tip of the Week: Fiddler - Free Web Debugging Proxy
Tip of the Week: Using Git Locally in a TFVC Repository
Semantic Comparison: Improve Test Assertions
Tip of the Week: Spigen - Awesome Phone Cases
Azure Key Vault From Node.js
Tip of the Week: PNGGauntlet - Smash PNGs for Faster Sites
Setting up Git Credential Manager for Windows with Cmder
Use Tests As A Feedback Tool To Improve Code
Tip of the Week: Paint.net - A Layman's Photoshop
Azure Key Vault From Azure Functions - Certificate Based Authentication
Tip of the Week: Pocket - Don't Miss Out on the Articles That You Want to Read Later
Tip of the Week: Feedly - One Stop Reading Place
How to Start New Habits That Stick
Tip of the Week: Password Manager - Get One If you Haven't Already
Todoist Template Transformer - Transform Tasks to 'X' Days From Now
Tip of the Week: Visual Studio Task List - Keep Track of Your TODO Comments
Azure Key Vault From Azure Functions
Tip of the Week: IF This Then That (IFTTT) - Connect Your Services
Tip of the Week: f.lux - Make it Easy For Your Eyes
How I Included Scrum and Pomodoro Technique in My Morning Routine
Refactoring to Composite Pattern
Tip of the Week: Buffer - Smarter Social Sharing
Tip of the Week: AutoFixture - Make Your Unit Tests Robust
Type in Your Native Indian Language - Setting up Indic Keyboard on Your Android Phone
How I Went From Couch to Half Marathon in Twelve Weeks
Tip of the Week: Improved Code Navigation in Visual Studio 2017
Tip of the Week: Rescue Time - Track Your Time
The Problems with Known Exceptions and Ignoring It
Tip of the Week: Tomighty - A Pomodoro Timer
Learnings from The Professional Scrum Master (PSM) Course
Tip of the Week: Track Current File in Visual Studio Solution Explorer
Populating Data for Tests
Tip of the Week: Switching Subscriptions Under Same Azure Account to Access Key Vaults
Manage Certificates in Azure Key Vault
Azure Key Vault Talk at Sydney Alt.Net
Tip of the Week: Todoist: Manage your To-Do List
Three Day Trip to Coffs Harbour from Sydney
Tip of the Week: Screenshots with Snagit
Tip of the Week: Moving Selected Lines in Visual Studio
Defensive Coding
How I Lost 13 Kilos in One and Half Months
Tip of the Week: Quick Launch in Visual Studio
Avoid State Mutation
Tip of the Week: Cmder - Portable Console Emulator for Windows
Recording My First Screencast
Tip of the Week: Finding Keyboard Shortcuts on Websites
Tip of the Week: Productivity Noise with Noisli
Simulating delays in HTTP Calls For Manual Tests
Tip of the Week: Paste Without Formatting
Making Code Reviews Effective
Self-help Books
2016: What Went Well, What Didn't and Goals
Make Your Code Contracts Stronger
Solve the Business Problem, Don't Mimic The Process
Expiry Notification for Azure Key Vault Keys and Secrets
Accessing Azure Key Vault From Azure Runbook
Azure Key Vault: Digital Signatures and Offline Verification
Staying in the Learning Loop
Managing Key Vault Through Azure Portal
Maintaining a Blogging Schedule
Review: Six Months and Counting - Logitech MX Master
Staying Productive Offline
Introducing Code Formatting into a Large Code Base
Introduce Tests when Fixing Bugs
Keeping Sensitive Configuration Data Out of Source Control
Automatic Deployment of Future Posts With Octopress
Continuos Delivery of Octopress Blog Using TravisCI and Docker
Data Hotfix : Things to Remember
My Morning Routine
NDC Sydney
Automated Deployment of AsmSpy to Chocolatey Using AppVeyor
Finding a Job Abroad
Refactoring to Improve Readability - Separating Business Language and Programming Language Semantics
Protect Yourself Against Line Ending Issues when Using Environment.Newline to Split Text
Web Application Occasionally Throwing 'Could not Load File or Assembly or one of its Dependencies' Exception
Own Your URLs; Nothing Else Really Matters
Could Not Load Assembly msshrtmi.dll?
Life Learnings After Being a Parent
Managing Azure Key Vault using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates
Managing Azure Key Vault over the REST API
Make it Easy for the New Person Joining the Team - Have a Project Ramp up Plan
ReactJS: Setting up the Environment
Disable NuGet Package Restore for a .Net Poject
Checking in Package Dependencies into Source Control
git checkout TFS
CLAL - Command Line Application Launcher
Refactoring to Improve Testability: Extracting Dependencies
Refactoring Test Code: Removing Constructor Dependency
Refactoring to Improve Testability: Removing Unnecessary Dependencies
Being Explicit About Time when Handling Multiple Timezone
PFX Certificate in Azure Key Vault
Developer Learnings from the IKEA Experience
Thinking Beyond Primitive Values: Value Objects
Using Fiddler to help in Manual Testing
Automated ClickOnce Deployment of a WPF Application using Appveyor
Getting Started With Freelancing Jobs Online
Using Azure Key Vault from a Java Application
How the Deprecation of Switch AzureMode Affects Azure Key Vault
Setting up AutoHotkey to Speed up Trivial Tasks
Optimizing Octopress Workflow for New Posts
Organizing Tests into Test Suites for Visual Studio
Language Agnostic Books For Every Developer 2
Learning TypeScript: Setting up the Environment
Managing User Permissions for Key Vault
Tools that I use
MSDN Magazine Article on Azure Key Vault
Managing Azure AD Application for Key Vault
When your Architecture Screams Technology!
Azure Key Vault in a Real World Application
Is Code Coverage a Lie?
Moving Sensitive Information from Configuration File to Azure Key Vault
Authenticating a Client Application with Azure Key Vault
Getting Started with Azure Key Vault
Azure Key Vault and Powershell Module Version
IsRegistered on Unity Container for Generic Type
Testing Multiple Implementations of same Interface
IoC Registration by Convention
Language Agnostic Books For Every Developer
Using Repository Pattern for Abstracting Data Access from a Cache and Data Store
Not All That Returns JSON is RESTful: Understanding HATEOAS
Configuring Unity Container: Comparing Code and Xml Configuration Side by Side
ASP.NET Web API and External Login - Authenticating with Social Networks
Waking up Early is All About Waking up to an Alarm
Static Generator is All a Blog Needs - Moving to Octopress
yo ko - A Yeoman Generator For KnockoutJS
KnockoutJS For XAML Developers
Thanks to Everyone Who Attended Our Talk at Microsoft India, Hyderabad
Azure Web Sites: Moving Wordpress to Cloud
Windows Phone Series: Image Caching Library - JetImageLoader
Review: Two Months and Counting - Android and Nexus 5
Windows Phone Series: Bing Maps and Turn-by-Turn Navigation
Getting Started with PhoneGap: Developing for Windows Phone and Android
Setting up the Development Environment for PhoneGap on Android
Staying Organized: Finding a system to manage it all
Thanks to Everyone Who Attended My First Public Talk At C#Corner Hyderabad UG
Windows Phone Series – Incremental Loading multiple data sources inside a Pivot
Windows Phone Series – Using UCWA to connect to Lync Server
MVVM – A Windows Phone Scenario – Part 2
Get started with your blog
Photography - Learning to Click
Converting a PDF for your Kindle
Giveaway : Get a license of your choice from Syncfusion
Windows Phone Series – Jump Lists
HTTP – A Short Dive
MVVM – A Windows phone scenario
Windows Phone Series – MVVM and ApplicationBar
Windows Phone Series – Preloading Content
MVVM – Does it really matter?
Windows Phone Series – Incremental Loading
What made me choose : Vanguard UP-Rise 45
Windows 8 Series – Drop Down Button
Windows 8 Series - Incremental Loading
Windows 8 Series - Exploring OAuth: c# and 500px
Getting Started with ASP.NET Web Api
WPF Expander trigger on IsExpanded to change the header
Venturing out
REST...after a long time
Stars Do Count!!!!
WCF Simplified
DataTemplate Vs Code Behind
Kick Start WPF
An enterprise IT project experience
The wait is not over!!!!!
Attachments in email - a new way
WP7 Application Model
C# google image search
Callbacks in WCF
Replace ‘Introduce Local Extension’ With ‘Extension Methods’
TDD and Refactoring
Seek the problem, Not the Solution
Hero or a Cheat????
Synchronize SQL Server database objects
Role Based Access Control
Not Able to “Start Debugging” in Visual Studio
The Building block
A newbie to WF
the Nokia Monster
Do Stars Count????
Ebook Or Hard Copy
Deleting Multiple Selected Items in WPF
WPF Certification !!!!!
SolidColorBrush List from Brushes
Scrolling a Disabled Listbox in WPF
FxCop Custom Naming Rules