Tip of the Week: Finding Keyboard Shortcuts on Websites

How to find keyboard shortcuts on websites?

Rahul Pulikkot Nath
Rahul Pulikkot Nath

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Keyboard Shortcuts

I prefer to use the keyboard to navigate within sites I use frequently. Keyboard enables to navigate faster within site and perform tasks quicker. The Logitech MX Master mouse provides a lot of capabilities to navigate. But I find the keyboard faster to perform repetitive actions - like posting a new status update on social media sites, managing tasks in Jira, TFS online, GitHub, responding to emails, Todoist, etc. Finding keyboard shortcuts on these various sites can itself be a daunting task. One might need to google to get the shortcuts or find the relevant documentation on the site. Luckily most of the popular sites today display a pop-up modal with all the keyboard shortcuts for the site when pressing Shift + ?. Note that this might not work on all the sites out there. But for most of the common ones that I use l, I find it working.

So the next time you spend a lot of time on a website try hitting Shift + ? to look for supported keyboard shortcuts.