Is it Obvious? Maybe It's Not!

Rahul Pulikkot Nath
Rahul Pulikkot Nath

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I don't have anything to write.

This is a common excuse I hear when the topic of starting a blog or writing online comes up. I think everyone should be writing online, sharing their journey and their experiences. I tell this to anyone who asks me for some career advice.

You don't have to invent on your own to write online.

Our journey is unique, and so is the perspective that we bring to work. So the experiences are unique in their own ways and something we must share.

"Obvious to you. Amazing to others." - Derek Sivers

I share the things I learn or problems I come across at work on my blog and YouTube channel. None of these are mind-blowing; it's very similar to what any other programmer would be encountering at work.

I write and share to help someone coming along and for myself if I need to do something similar. I have had many people thank me for some of the posts written months or years ago.

What's my rule of thumb to write an article? If I had to look up multiple online sources, then I write about it. It's very likely to help someone else from looking up those different sources.

Write and Share, even if it's obvious to you.