SolidColorBrush List from Brushes

Rahul Pulikkot Nath
Rahul Pulikkot Nath

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Hi, Everybody will be using Brushes,which implements a set of predefined SolidColrBrush objects,to choose various colors. Sometimes you may want to get a list of all these brushes up in your application,so that the user can select the color of his/her choice. To get the list of colors from Brushes you can use the following piece of code

Dim dictBrushes As New Dictionary(Of String, SolidColorBrush)
For Each objPropertyInfo As PropertyInfo In GetType(Brushes).GetProperties
	If (objPropertyInfo.PropertyType Is GetType(SolidColorBrush)) Then
 		dictBrushes.Add(objPropertyInfo.Name,objPropertyInfo.GetValue(Nothing, Nothing)) 
	End If 

Here dictBrushes will give what you want. You can use this in your view,bind to a combobox if you want and show the possible selections of color

Hope it helps :)