Tip of the Week: Productivity Noise with Noisli

Want an interesting mix of sounds while working? Check out Noisli.

Rahul Pulikkot Nath
Rahul Pulikkot Nath

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If you are the kind of person that likes to listen to some music while working, then this one is for you. Music is proven to have significant effects on improving focus while working. But it is also quite possible to get fully immersed in the music and forget all about work. Different kinds of music contribute to improving concentration while not getting immersed in the music itself. I usually wear my headphones at work while working and listen to music.

Music helps to minimize distractions and helps you reach a state of Flow, which is ideal for improving productivity.

At times I like to hear to just some background noises simulating different environments. Noisli is an application that helps mix different sounds and create your perfect environment. The sounds could either be working in a restaurant or while it's raining with thunder, in a forest, by the side of the fire, etc. It helps create the mood that you want and helps recreate it with sound. Since the noises are of a fixed pattern, you soon get used to it and improves concentration at work.

Noisli - Favorite Combos

Here are my favorite mixes in Noisli. Rain Mix, Jungle, TRain, HotelRainFire

You can use Noisli directly from the website or use any of their Apps and Extensions. Find out what works for you and leave a comment on your favorite combos.