Tip of the Week: Kumon Books - Creative Workbooks

Activity books for kids.

Rahul Pulikkot Nath
Rahul Pulikkot Nath

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It's always hard to keep young minds engaged and fresh. As a parent, it is good to have a few different options to keep your child engaged and also at the same time help them learn. Activity books are a great way of keeping kids involved and help them develop the skills that they need in their lives.

Kumon Books offer a wide variety of books for different age groups and subjects. The books follow a progression and are meant to be used in the sequence to helps kids progress by building on previous skills. The workbook chart helps if you are new to Kumon Books. You can also choose by your kids age if you don't find the chart useful.


The books cover a variety of activities like coloring, cutting paper, folding, pasting stickers, reading, writing, maths, etc. Each book easily introduces the concept and makes your child repeat it over and over again until it becomes clear to them before moving to advanced skills. Activity books like cutting, folding, paste, etc. are intended to be used once but for the other ones like writing, reading, math, etc. you can get your child to use a pencil and erase it off if you want them to refresh on the skills sometimes.

We have got books across most of the activities for Gautham and found it valuable. The books have helped him learn to read, write, cut, paint, etc. and highly recommend to others. These books also give an excellent way to interact with your child and help him learn and grow.

Your local bookstore or online stores should be having these books. Google should be of help otherwise. Hope you find it useful!