Stars Do Count!!!!

For all those who are wondering what this stars are,please go through my first post on this.

Casually browsing through my mails today morning,I found a mail with the subject stating,’Your online community contributions have been recognized by Microsoft‘,informing me that I have won the Microsoft Community Contributor Award.Really excited to have the first award for a technical contribution,and that too from Microsoft.

Microsoft Community Contributor Award Certificate for Rahul P Nath

I appreciate Microsoft for promoting community contributors and rewarding them.Personally,I enjoy contributing in communities as I find it one another way to learn.I used not just reply to questions that I knew,but often ended up creating a sample application and finding out the solution first,which has helped me a lot in learning.

I would like to thank Microsoft and all the community members and people who would  have nominated me for this award.

Stars Do Count sometimes :)

edit: The award would be retired as now I am an Microsoft employee.I had intimated them on this ,as I guess somehow their records missed that I am their employee :).So got the mail confirmation today..award is retired .Still it’s a good feeling in having achieved it at the first place.

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