Are You Multitasking Within Your Creation Process?

Rahul Pulikkot Nath
Rahul Pulikkot Nath

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Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash

Have you ever felt stuck with a task and not able to progress?

I get this feeling all the time. When writing blog articles or video scripts, I get stuck with weaving a story together. With programming, I am stuck with how to refactor code and follow good design principles and patterns.

I get stuck in the loop of creation and making it better, if not the best.

Identifying clear distinctions of phases within the creative process is important. All creative processes have multiple steps. E.g.,  Writing, Editing, Reviewing, and Publishing.

Switching between different phases of creation is Creative Multitasking.

Writing these Essays has helped me notice these phases and avoid multitasking. The night before, I do a brain dump on a topic that I want to write about. The following day I edit, organize and rewrite parts of it and get my wife, Parvathy, to review it.

Having all the information out on paper helps me build connections easily. I am no longer stuck trying to do this in my head.

There is only a fine line between these different phases of creation, and they can often go unnoticed. Look closely into your creative processes. Are you stuck in Creative Multitasking?

Do it First, then right, then better.