Review: Six Months and Counting - Logitech MX Master

If you are looking for a new mouse give Logitech MX Master a try!

Rahul Pulikkot Nath
Rahul Pulikkot Nath

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It's been six months with the Logitech MX Master mouse and I absolutely love it for daily use. I picked this mouse a week after reading Hanselman's review. It feels just as it sounded in his review - Perfect!.

Logitech MX Master

Key Features

  • The mouse fits perfectly into the hand and supports the wrist in a native position. It is suitable for long duration use.
  • The battery is rechargeable and the mouse comes with a micro-USB charging cable. After a full charge, the mouse lasts me for 2-3 weeks. The mouse can be used while charging, so there is no downtime. The LED lights indicate the charge status. If not the software also warns when the battery is low.
  • I connect the mouse using the Logitech Unifying Receiver. But the mouse also supports connecting over Bluetooth. This is useful in cases when you want to connect with multiple computers.
  • The mouse supports Easy Switch technology. You can pair up to 3 devices and switch between them using buttons on the bottom side of the mouse. I have not used this feature as I mostly work on just one laptop.
  • Darkfield Laser Sensor tracks flawlessly over all surfaces. I use the MX Master across wooden and glass surfaces and find it smooth over both.
  • The mouse scroll supports smooth scrolling and 'Ratchet' mode (click, click, click) scroll. It supports automatic and manual mode shifting. So when reading long documents you can be on smooth scrolling and when navigating code or shorter texts you can use Ratchet mode to feel greater control. It also has buttons to

The mouse has an accompanying software that allows customizations of mouse buttons.

Logitech MX Master Software

The software allows setting application specific actions for buttons. For e.g. I have the Gesture button to archive emails in Outlook, 'Navigate to Definition' in Visual Studio, close tab in Chrome etc. You can configure this to any action on applications of your choice (provided it supports keyboard shortcuts that can be linked to).

Logitech MX Master Software customizations


The only issue that I faced so long is with the Mouse scroll mode. The 'Ratchet' mode no longer works for me. It is always in smooth scrolling mode and the mechanical key to shift modes does not work anymore. Google tells me that this is a common issue with the mouse . This video walks through on how to open up the mouse and fix the mechanical part that clicks in to switch the scroll modes. I have not tried this myself as I don't feel much a problem without the Ratchet mode.

Other than the Ratchet mode issue, I have not found any other issues with the mouse.

If you are looking for a new mouse and willing to spend a little more than usual, I recommend the Logitech MX Master. What mouse do you use?

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