Do Stars Count????

Rahul Pulikkot Nath
Rahul Pulikkot Nath

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Quite a few of you might be thinking on what this "Stars" are :).It's nothing other than the " little medals under ones Display Name ".Think I have put you again in thought.Not for too long but,it is the MSDN forum rating that I am talking about.
I started answering posts as a pastime.Soon I noticed this little stars ,varying in count, under different display names.A little bit of exploration gave me this piece of information.
The 'Pastime' turned an 'Addiction'.

"Do they pay you??"
"Are you rewarded??"
"They might give you something!!""

The common statements that I heard, whenever people see me browse the forum.
None of these were the reason for my addiction though.It was just the personal satisfaction I get from answering the questions, a new learning and a different perspective for some of the problems I had already faced.

"It's not money that always counts.....
             .....Stars too count"