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Using .NET AWS Lambda Authorizer To Secure API Gateway REST API

Lambda Authorizer is a feature provided by API Gateway that helps us separate the authentication logic from our business logic in our function code. Let's learn how to build a Lambda Authorizer in .NET Core and use it to secure an API Gateway REST API.

How To Manage Multiple Stages in Amazon API Gateway REST API?

Learn how to configure different Stages to use different backend integrations - Lambda Function, DynamoDB etc - based on the Stage they are running. We will use Stage variables to set up connections with different Lambda Functions and DynamoDB database.

How To Build an API Gateway REST API Using AWS Lambda Proxy Integration?

In this post, you will learn how to build a REST API using Amazon API Gateway with AWS Lambda Proxy integration built in .NET Core. Learn how to build and set up the Lambda integration, connect to a DynamoDB database and perform CRUD operations.

Amazon API Gateway - Introduction To Building REST APIs

Learn how to build REST API using API Gateway. We will learn the different building blocks of REST APIs, how they connect with each other, and how you can build and configure an API in the AWS Console.


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How To Setup AWS Secret Manager for A Real World .NET Application

Learn how to organize and manage Secrets in AWS Secrets manager when building .NET applications. Configure applications such that only secrets are relevant to the applications and retrieved from the AWS Secrets Manager, mainly when it contains secrets for multiple applications.

Amazon SNS For the .NET Developer: Getting Started Quick and Easy

Learn how to get started with Amazon SNS and use it from a .NET application. We will learn about Topics, sending messages to topics, and using Subscriptions to receive messages. We will also learn about Filters, how to use them, and error handling with SNS.

How Best To Secure Secrets When Building .NET Applications on AWS

Learn how to get started with using AWS Secrets Manager using a .NET Application. We will learn to connect to Secrets Manager from .NET using the client SDK and retrieve secrets. We will also see how to integrate Secrets Manager into built-in .NET Configuration and seamlessly use secrets from our application code and keep the Secrets up to date.