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Azure Queue Storage For The .NET Developer: How To Easily Get Started

Learn how to use Azure Queue Storage to build disconnected applications. Understand the different ways to interact with a Queue Storage and use it from a .NET application. Also see how to use Managed Identities to connect to Queue without needing any connection string.

Is Instance Messaging At Work Distracting You?

Are you overwhelmed by the constant stream of messages at work? Here's an easy way to focus more on your work while still being there for your colleagues.

5 Ways to Handle Application Configuration & Secrets With Azure 🔐

Handing application configuration can be tricky. Let's dive into 5 different ways we can manage application secrets, configuration, connection strings, etc when building an ASP NET Application on Azure.

Azure Functions ⚡ For The .NET Developer: How To Easily Get Started

Write your first Azure Function to process messages from an Azure Queue Storage. See how to use Managed Identities to setup authentication for Azure Function with other resources.

How To PGP Encrypt An S3 File Using AWS Lambda Running Docker Images

Learn how to set up and run Docker Container Images from AWS Lambda. We will PGP sign and encrypt a file from AWS S3 in a lambda running a Docker image hosted in AWS ECR.

2021: Quarter 2 Review and Goals Looking Forward to Quarter 3

A short recap of the 2021 second quarter that is gone by, and looking forward! I did reasonably well in three out of for focus Areas.

What Does It Mean To Be Productive?

" You eat every day? " " Oh, Yes! I eat 4 times a day. " " Wow, that must be really important to you. " Some days we eat fast, eat at the desk, skip one meal, but we still eat. We find time for important things. I blog, vlog, learn, run and read because it's…

Focus On Outcomes And Not Checking Off a List ✔

I plan my week on a Sunday evening. It takes 30-40 minutes for this. I have a page for each week in Notion, where I keep track of my plan. I review the week that's gone by to find what worked what didn't and take that into planning the upcoming week. Getting…