How To Get More Done? Here Is a Simple Trick That Works

Rahul Pulikkot Nath
Rahul Pulikkot Nath

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I always have multiple projects progressing in parallel.

Anything that takes more than an hour or two is a project for me.  A project has multiple steps and needs multiple working sessions. It usually takes more than a day for me to complete a project. A blog post, a YouTube video, reading a book, running a half-marathon, etc., are all examples of a project.

I get bored with doing just one thing. Often for projects, various activities are involved; research, reading, reaching out to other people, etc. Having only one project forces me to make myself blocked and get bored easily.

Multitasking is bad; Multi Projects is a bliss.

With multiple projects, when I get bored or stuck with one, I switch to another. I have a weekly plan on what to accomplish for the week. But then I keep the daily planning loose, allowing me to switch between the various items I need to accomplish for the week.

Having a high-level weekly plan ensures I don't skip tasks because I am lazy or procrastinating on the hard things. I try and plan the day before the high-level things I want to work on the following day. But again, use this as a guide. If I find myself bored or not interested to work on it, I pick up something else that aligns with the weekly goal.

Have a Plan. Be Flexible.