NDC Sydney

A short recap of NDC Sydney 2016.

Rahul Pulikkot Nath
Rahul Pulikkot Nath

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It was a busy week with NDC Sydney and a lot of other user group conferences happening at the same time since all the international speakers were in town.The conference was three days long with 105 speakers, 37 technologies, and 137 talks. Some the popular speakers were Scott Hanselman, Jon Skeet, Mark Seemann, Scott Allen,Troy Hunt and a lot more.

NDC Sydney


Each talk is one hour long and seven talks happen at the same time. The talks that I attended are:

All sessions are recorded and are available here. I hope the NDC Sydney ones too will be there in some time.


Events like this are a great place to network with other people in the industry and was one of the reasons I wanted to attend NDC. I am a regular reader of Mark Seemann's (@ploeh) blog, and his ideas resonate with me a lot. Also, I find his Pluralsight videos and his book, Dependency Injection in .NET helpful. It was great to meet him in person and enjoyed both of his talks on FSharp.

With Mark Seemann (ploeh)


Most of the event sponsors had they stall at the conference, spreading their brand (with goodies and t-shirts) and also the work they do (a good way to attract talent to the company). There were also raffles for some big prices like Bose headphones, Das keyboards, Drones, Coffee machines, Raspberry Pi, etc. I was lucky enough to win a Raspberry Pi3 from @ravendb.

Won a Raspberry Pi3. Ravendb raffle @ NDCSydney

It's confirmed that NDC Sydney is coming back next year. If you are in town during that time, make sure you reserve a seat.  Look out for the early bird tickets, those are cheap, and the conference is worth it. Thanks to Readify for sponsoring my tickets and it's one of the good things about working with Readify.

See you at NDC Sydney next year!