It’s been a long time since i have posted here,and indeed a lot did happen during this time,things that were really exciting too.Lots of things also coincides with my mobile journey too.

Events in chronological order :)

  1. Microsoft decides to  give a WP7 phone to all its employees,for free Surprised smile

2) I happened to attend an interview at Microsoft and guess what …Surprised smileSurprised smile

  1. My joining date was luckily enough,so that I could get the HTC Mozart 7 for free.


Over the last week I did register for the developer licence and its pretty simple too,apart from the fee that you would have to pay(luckily enough for me,that’s also free).Even otherwise the amount is nominal,if you are serious enough to develop apps for the phone.In a short span of time you should be able to earn back whatever you have spent for the licence.To register for the licence all you need to do is follow the instructions found here.Once you get your registration done,it takes a couple of days to get you account activated,after the verification process.Then you can add devices to your account using phoneReg.exe(Windows Phone Developer Registration from start menu),which gets installed when you install the phone developer tools,which is also available in the above link provided.Here is a [link](\).aspx) that describes on how to go with the registration.I did face some issues here while registering the device from my personal laptop,but got it done from office laptop.Not sure on what exactly caused the problem.There are a list of troubleshooting options mentioned in the above link and this too might help.You would not be stuck up too long but and hopefully that would be resolved soon too I guess.

With all the steps done,I now have to hit Visual Studio.

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