Tip of the Week: Analyze Your Site Performance

Make your sites go faster

Rahul Pulikkot Nath
Rahul Pulikkot Nath

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If you own a website, then it is good to check their performance now and then. Various factors affect the site speed, and it's better to use some tools to do the job for you.

Google PageSpeed is a set of tools from Google designed to check and optimize websites performance. PageSpeed Insights is one of the tools in the suite that helps identify the ways to make your site faster and mobile friendly. The tools check for common good practices and provide a score out of 100 points. PageSpeed Insights only considers the network-independent aspects of page performance: the server configuration, the HTML structure of a page, and its use of external resources such as images, JavaScript, and CSS.


YSlow is a similar tool from Yahoo!, that analyzes web pages for performance. It is available as a browser extension and has one for all popular ones. It provides a grade for the web page based on a predefined ruleset or a user-defined ruleset. The grade is calculated based on the YSlow Ruleset Matrix.


I have been implementing some of the recommendations from the above tools on this blog, but as you can see from the above results, there is still more to be done. Hope you find this helpful for your sites.