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Rahul Pulikkot Nath
Rahul Pulikkot Nath

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nokia n95 review

Of all the mobiles I have used till date this one goes top on my rating.With its elegant design,built quality and power packed features,the N95 8GB was worth every penny spent.8GB was not much of an attraction though, but definitely it being internal memory,boosted the performance.No longer I felt the time lag in apps opening,as in the previous models of Nokia. Though its been a long time this big monster has been released it demands this piece of space here. Not going into the specs of the phone,for there are sites which gives them in and out like this one [here]( The 5 mega pixel camera is definitely a lookout feature,for you no more need a dedicated camera,if all you want is a snap of the moment. The two way slide feature with dedicated music keys makes it to be on the race with pmp's out in the store,with the battery lasting pretty enough for an average music lover. With the wide range of apps available for the symbian os , this definitely was the king of its times.....Nokia N95 8GB

**edit: **here goes a list of must have apps in the n95