Hey I'm Rahul Nath

I am a programmer, blogger, youtuber and enjoys running. Blogs are usually technical and about life in general.


Popular Articles

Book Summary: Write Your Book On The Side by Hassan Osman

Write Your Book on the Side is a free and great step-by-step guide from beginning to end on self-publishing a book. Though some of the chapters are very specific to selling on Amazon, it has many tips and suggestions to help publish a book in general. Recommend this quick read if you are already writing and planning to publish a book but finding it too overwhelming (like me).

How To Deploy Web App and Web Job In A Single Pipeline

Learn how to set up a build/deploy pipeline for deploying a Web application and Web Job into Azure Web App. Also find out whether you should have a single or multiple pipeline for this and how to decide between them.

AWS Serverless Refactoring Series: How to Improve the Maintainability of Project

Let's look at different design patterns and principles we can apply to make the default AWS Serverless Application Template cleaner and easier to maintain.

Going Serverless on AWS For The .NET Developer: How To Easily Get Started

Learn how to get started with AWS Serverless Application using the Serverless Application Model (SAM). The Serverless Application Template available as part of the AWS Toolkit makes it easy to start building Serverless Application.

AWS DynamoDB For The .NET Developer: How To Easily Get Started

Learn how to get started with AWS DynamoDB with .NET Core by updating the default ASP NET Web API template to use DynamoDB as it's data store. We will learn to do basic Creat, Read, Update and Delete operations from the API.