NDC Sydney 2017

Rahul Pulikkot Nath
Rahul Pulikkot Nath

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Last week was a busy one at NDC Sydney and was happy to be back there for the second time.The conference was three days long with 117 speakers, 37 technologies, and 151 talks. Some of the popular speakers were Scott Wlaschin, Scott Allen,Troy Hunt, Damian Edwards, Steve Sanderson and a lot more.

NDC Sydney


Each talk is one hour long and eight talks happen at the same time. Below are the talks I attended:

All sessions are recorded and are available here. The Sydney 2017 ones will soon be there. Overall it was a good event but did not match the one last year. Last year there were more of the popular speakers and the talk content was also more interesting. But still, I am glad that NDC Sydney is still happening, and it gives a good exposure and networking possibilities for developers. Thanks to Readify for sponsoring my tickets and it’s one of the good things about working with Readify.

Hope to see you next year as well!