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How To Improve Your Online Reading - Why I Chose Diigo?

Learn how Diigo helps you to capture and organize information you read online

Dynamically Create Powershell Alias

While playing around with the Windows Terminal, I had set up Aliasing to enable alias for commonly used commands. For e.g. Typing in s implies git status . I wanted to create new command aliases from the command line itself, instead of opening up the…

Setting Up The Windows Terminal

For a long time, I have been using the Cmder as my command line. It was mostly for the ability to copy-paste, open multiple tabs, and the ability to add aliases (shortcut command). I was never particularly interested in other customizations of the command…

Tip of the Week: Toggl - A Pomodoro Timer

I have been on and off Pomodoro technique and always wanted to be more consistent following it. A while back I was using Tomighty , a minimalistic Pomodoro timer. However, with Tomighty, I often forget to start the timer and soon stopped using it altogether…

Tip of the Week: Squoosh - Make Images Smaller

Compress the images that you share online.

Tip of the Week: Analyze Your Site Performance

Make your sites go faster

Tip of the Week: Fiddler - Free Web Debugging Proxy

Fiddler is an HTTP debugging proxy server application and captures HTTP and HTTPS traffic. It is one of the tools in my essential toolkit list . Fiddler allows debugging traffic from PC, MAC, Linux and mobile systems. It helps inspect the raw requests and…

Tip of the Week: PNGGauntlet - Smash PNGs for Faster Sites

Optimize images for the web.

Setting up Git Credential Manager for Windows with Cmder

Do you enter your git credentials very often?

Todoist Template Transformer - Transform Tasks to 'X' Days From Now

Transform Todoist templates to start on a specific date

Tip of the Week: IF This Then That (IFTTT) - Connect Your Services

Do more with the services you love.

Type in Your Native Indian Language - Setting up Indic Keyboard on Your Android Phone

Write in your native language!

Automated Deployment of AsmSpy to Chocolatey Using AppVeyor

Using AppVeyor to Automatically deploy AsmSpy to Chocolatey.

Web Application Occasionally Throwing 'Could not Load File or Assembly or one of its Dependencies' Exception

We were facing a strange 'could not load DLL issue', when building and running multiple host projects in Visual Studio (VS 2015), side by side. We had 2 host projects - an NServiceBus worker role project (a console application) and a Web application and a few…

CLAL - Command Line Application Launcher

CLAL (Command Line Application Launcher) is a desktop application to launch any (currently supports only SQL Server Management Studio - ssms ) command line application. It helps manage different configurations with which a command line application can be…

Using Fiddler to help in Manual Testing

Fiddler is an HTTP debugging proxy server application, that captures HTTP and HTTPS traffic and displays to the user. It also enables modifying HTTP traffic when sent or received. Fiddler is one of the tools that I use daily and is an indispensable one for…

Automated ClickOnce Deployment of a WPF Application using Appveyor

This post covers the current deployment setup of CLAL (Command Line Application Launcher), a desktop application, that I am building. Since it is a WPF application, it supports ClickOnce Deployment that enables to create self-updating applications which can…

Setting up AutoHotkey to Speed up Trivial Tasks

A lot of trivial tasks that we do daily on our computer can be automated to make it faster and reduce the number of keystrokes ( as they are limited ). AutoHoykey (AHK) is an excellent tool to automate a lot of these and is one of my favorite tool . I use a…

Tools that I use

A list of tools that help me with the day to day life/work.

Staying Organized: Finding a system to manage it all

In our busy lives, with multiple roles to play at home and work, everyone needs to have some kind of system to keep things organized and stay on top - to have control . I've been always amazed on how my father stays organized with all the things with his to…

Converting a PDF for your Kindle

Earlier I had blogged about reading an eBook vs reading a hard copy and I was preferring the hard copy one back then. But after getting a Kindle things have changed. I prefer MOBI now, as that is the one that is supported by Kindle. I think a Kindle needs…

Giveaway : Get a license of your choice from Syncfusion

Often we run up into the need for third party controls to give your apps/sites that extra edge that all of us are looking for. Syncfusion provides an excellent collection of controls for various platforms, details of which you can find here  . Syncfusion was…

C# google image search

Need not much of an explanation I guess. The title has it all.... ....a C# API for searching images from google. Works on Regex for matching the image URL from the HTML returned for the image tag search.This might stop working anytime google changes the…

Synchronize SQL Server database objects

Updating an old database, with newly created/modified database objects(mostly stored procedures,views,functions and table value parameters), from a new database was a very common,tedious,error prone task that was performed at my workplace for the past few…

Not Able to “Start Debugging” in Visual Studio