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How To Improve Your Online Reading - Why I Chose Diigo?

Learn how Diigo helps you to capture and organize information you read online

My YouTube Setup and Workflow

First things first, Kindly subscribe to my channel . It's been three-plus years since I published the first YouTube video , and here are my experiences recording the first screencast . Things have changed a lot since then, so I thought of putting this post…

Bullet Journaling: How To Be More Productive With a Pen and Paper System

I am always on the lookout for productivity hacks and new systems to improve the way I work. Given my nature of work is in front of a computer, my productivity tool choices have always been digital. However, at the start of this year, I came across an…

Cycling To Work: What's in My Bag

The best thing about not being able to remote work is THE COMMUTE

Setting Up Dual 4K Monitors - Dell P2715Q and Dell U2718Q

Setting up two 4k monitors for home office.

Tip of the Week: Toggl - A Pomodoro Timer

I have been on and off Pomodoro technique and always wanted to be more consistent following it. A while back I was using Tomighty , a minimalistic Pomodoro timer. However, with Tomighty, I often forget to start the timer and soon stopped using it altogether…

Digital Minimalism: An Experiment To Simplify Online Life

Over the last week, I have been reading the book Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport . The central idea of the book is about being aware of the various technologies affecting our lives and making a conscious effort to choose those are required and adds value to…

Share and Inspire

Share whatever you are doing, no matter how small it is. It might inspire someone else!

Tip of the Week: Text Editing - Extract Data

Extract specific information from large text files.

Tip of the Week: Text Editing - Split or Combine Multiple Lines

Using a text editor to split or combine multiple lines of text.

Tip of the Week: The Headphones Rule

Are you open to interruptions?

Tip of the Week: Chocolatey - Install Softwares With Ease

The sane way to manage software on Windows.

Left Align Your Code For Better Readability

Keeping you code aligned to the left makes it more easy to read and refactor.

Tip of the Week: Using Git Locally in a TFVC Repository

Use the power of git even with TFVC source control.

Tip of the Week: Feedly - One Stop Reading Place

Do you want a one stop reading place to stay current and updated with posts from various blogs of your interest? Feedly is a news aggregator application that compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources Feedly is what you are looking for. You can…

How to Start New Habits That Stick

The beginning of a good habit is the elimination of an excuse. And The beginning of a bad habit is the finding of an excuse The ability to pick on something and to make a habit of it is something that is always helpful. This skill helps to create new habits…

Todoist Template Transformer - Transform Tasks to 'X' Days From Now

Transform Todoist templates to start on a specific date

Tip of the Week: Visual Studio Task List - Keep Track of Your TODO Comments

Track your unfinished work in one place.

Tip of the Week: f.lux - Make it Easy For Your Eyes

Make the color of your computer display adapt to the time of day.

How I Included Scrum and Pomodoro Technique in My Morning Routine

Updates to my Morning Routine.

Tip of the Week: Buffer - Smarter Social Sharing

Posts on this blog are published automatically on preset dates. I have created a custom workflow for this in Octopress, my blogging framework. If you are interested in the end to end workflow check out my video on it . Publishing to different social media was…

How I Went From Couch to Half Marathon in Twelve Weeks

Update on how I have been going about my running.

Tip of the Week: Improved Code Navigation in Visual Studio 2017

Navigate the code faster!

Tip of the Week: Rescue Time - Track Your Time

Wondering where your time goes? Start Tracking!

Tip of the Week: Tomighty - A Pomodoro Timer

A Pomodoro Timer for Windows which does one thing and that thing right

Tip of the Week: Track Current File in Visual Studio Solution Explorer

Keep Visual Studio Solution Explorer in sync with the current working file.

Tip of the Week: Todoist: Manage your To-Do List

A To-Do list manager that has been working for me over two years.

How I Lost 13 Kilos in One and Half Months

Getting fit is one of the goals that I have set for myself this year. I have started running since mid of December and also controlling my diet. TLDR; Have Parvathy (my wife) support me throughout. Running 1-2 times a week No carbs till Dinner: Smoothie…

Tip of the Week: Cmder - Portable Console Emulator for Windows

I have been using Cmder as my command line for around two years and been loving it. I am not a super user of the command line, but try to use it more and more. Cmder is a software package created out of pure frustration over the absence of good console…

Recording My First Screencast

Screencast helps to connect with people in a different way and adds a personal touch (sound and visual). It makes learning new things faster, by seeing it in action. Most of the fine details (which can be missed while writing a blog post) get captured in…

Tip of the Week: Finding Keyboard Shortcuts on Websites

How to find keyboard shortcuts on websites?

Tip of the Week: Productivity Noise with Noisli

Want an interesting mix of sounds while working? Check out Noisli.

Tip of the Week: Paste Without Formatting

Copy-Paste text without the formatting

Staying in the Learning Loop

Things that help me when learning something new.

Maintaining a Blogging Schedule

Tips and tricks for blogging regularly.

Review: Six Months and Counting - Logitech MX Master

If you are looking for a new mouse give Logitech MX Master a try!

Staying Productive Offline

Setting up my smartphone to stay productive without an internet connection.

Automatic Deployment of Future Posts With Octopress

Scheduling posts in the future and automatically deploy them in Octopress.

Continuos Delivery of Octopress Blog Using TravisCI and Docker

Setting up the automatic deployment of my blog.

My Morning Routine

Find a Morning Routine that works for you!

git checkout TFS

It's been a year since using Git as my mainstream version control system and I am loving it! Before Git, I had used Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) for a very long time and was so used to it that I found Git a bit complex and overwhelming in the…

Getting Started With Freelancing Jobs Online

Freelancing is a good way to learn new technology, get some hands on experience and not getting limited to the technology stack at your full-time job and of course earn some extra money!. There is a great demand for developers out there, so if its 'legal…

Setting up AutoHotkey to Speed up Trivial Tasks

A lot of trivial tasks that we do daily on our computer can be automated to make it faster and reduce the number of keystrokes ( as they are limited ). AutoHoykey (AHK) is an excellent tool to automate a lot of these and is one of my favorite tool . I use a…

Optimizing Octopress Workflow for New Posts

Over the past month I had thought of migrating this blog to Hugo, a static site generator that is faster than the current one, Octopress. Lack of workflow for creating new posts and slower build times were the main reasons. I am the kind of person when writing…

Organizing Tests into Test Suites for Visual Studio

While working with large code base, that has a lot of tests (unit, integration, acceptance etc), running all of them every time we make a small change (if you are doing TDD or just using build for feedback) takes a lot of time. Organizing tests into different…

Tools that I use

A list of tools that help me with the day to day life/work.

Waking up Early is All About Waking up to an Alarm

I have always been the ' early to bed ' type of person and my day mostly ends by ten thirty in the evening. But the ' waking up early ' part was not as 'strict' as going to sleep part. I have always struggled to wake up at the sound of the alarm, which I…

Staying Organized: Finding a system to manage it all

In our busy lives, with multiple roles to play at home and work, everyone needs to have some kind of system to keep things organized and stay on top - to have control . I've been always amazed on how my father stays organized with all the things with his to…