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Book Summary: Write Your Book On The Side by Hassan Osman

Write Your Book on the Side is a free and great step-by-step guide from beginning to end on self-publishing a book. Though some of the chapters are very specific to selling on Amazon, it has many tips and suggestions to help publish a book in general. Recommend this quick read if you are already writing and planning to publish a book but finding it too overwhelming (like me).

Book Summary: Ultralearning by Scott.H. Young

Ultralearning is a book on how to learn anything that is of interest to you. Often we get stuck with the same 'classroom learning methodology' and don't try anything outside of it. If you are invested in yourself and learning, then I do recommend this book. I am sure you will pick up one or two strategies that will help you.

Book Summary: Getting Results the Agile Way by J.D. Meier

This is a great productivity book on building up a good Personal Productivity System to manage your life - both work and personal. I'd recommend this book for anyone starting to build a productivity system for themselves.

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Language Agnostic Books For Every Developer 2

Exactly a year back I had written about the same topic , and over the time I have picked up a few more books, that I am sharing here. Like the earlier post I will let the books do the talking. xUnit Test Patterns : Refactoring Test Code Growing Object…

Language Agnostic Books For Every Developer

Reading is inevitable to keep up to date with the latest technologies and rapid changes happening in the programming world. But technology is nothing but a tool for getting things done. What one has to understand are the concepts and principles underlying…