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How To Setup Dependency Injection With Azure Functions ⚡

Dependency Injection (DI) is a technique to achieve Inversion of Control (also known as IoC) between classes and their dependencies. Azure Functions supports Dependency Injection pattern. With DI, you can segregate responsibilities into different classes and…

Azure Queue Storage For The .NET Developer: How To Easily Get Started

Learn how to use Azure Queue Storage to build disconnected applications. Understand the different ways to interact with a Queue Storage and use it from a .NET application. Also see how to use Managed Identities to connect to Queue without needing any connection string.

5 Ways to Handle Application Configuration & Secrets With Azure 🔐

Handing application configuration can be tricky. Let's dive into 5 different ways we can manage application secrets, configuration, connection strings, etc when building an ASP NET Application on Azure.

Azure Functions ⚡ For The .NET Developer: How To Easily Get Started

Write your first Azure Function to process messages from an Azure Queue Storage. See how to use Managed Identities to setup authentication for Azure Function with other resources.

How To Deploy Web App and Web Job In A Single Pipeline

Learn how to set up a build/deploy pipeline for deploying a Web application and Web Job into Azure Web App. Also find out whether you should have a single or multiple pipeline for this and how to decide between them.

How To Protect Your ASP NET Web API Using JWT Authentication

Learn how to protect an ASP NET Core Web API using JWT Bearer Token. We will be using Azure Active Directory (AD) as the Identity Provider and see how to integrate with it from our application and how everything works together.

How To Automatically Deploy ARM Templates To Azure Cosmos Emulator

Azure Cosmos Emulator does not support ARM templates. Learn how you can automatically create Database and Containers from an ARM Template to support a seamless development experience.

How To Create An ARM Template For Cosmos DB

Learn how to create an ARM template to deploy Azure Cosmos DB with dynamic containers. With this template you can keep adding containers as you build the application.

How To Continuously Deploy Your .NET Core Azure WebJobs

New To Azure WebJobs? Learn how to get started and set up a build deploy pipeline in Azure DevOps.

Let Azure Manage The Username and Password Of Your SQL Connection String

Use Azure Managed Identities feature to connect to Azure SQL. One less sensitive information to manage.

Azure Managed Service Identity And Local Development

One of the common challenges when building cloud applications is managing credentials for authenticating to cloud services. The Managed Service Identity feature of Azure AD provides an automatically managed identity in Azure AD. This identity helps…

DefaultAzureCredential: Unifying How We Get Azure AD Token

Azure Identity library provides Azure Active Directory token authentication support across the Azure SDK

Generating PDF: .Net Core and Azure Web Application

Using NReco library to generate PDF files on Azure Web App running .Net Core.

How to Authenticate With Microsoft Graph API Using Managed Service Identity

In an earlier post, we saw how to enable Role-Based Access for .Net Core Web applications . We used hardcoded AD Group Id's in the application as below To avoid hardcoding the id's in the application config, we can use the Graph API to query the AD groups at…

Remote Debugging: Azure Virtual Machines With Visual Studio

It's not often that you want to debug into applications running on a Virtual Machine, but not to say that it is never required. Recently at one of my clients, I had to debug into an application running on an Azure Virtual machine. I wanted to debug an…

Azure AD: Restrict Application Access To Users Belonging To A Group

For one of the web application I was working on, access was to be restricted based on user belonging to a particular Azure AD Group. The application as such did not have any Role Based Functionality. It feels an overhead to set up the Role Based Access when…

How to Authenticate and Authorize Azure Function with Azure Web App Using Managed Service Identity (MSI)

Azure Functions are getting popular, and I start seeing them more at clients. One typical scenario I come across is to authenticate an Azure Function with an Azure Web API. Every time something like this comes up, it means more Azure AD applications, which in…

Custom Authorization Policy Providers in .Net Core For Checking Multiple Azure AD Security Groups

Extending Azure AD Groups Role based access to support combinations of multiple groups to grant access.

Building Windows Service Installer on Azure Devops

Continuosly building a windows installer on Azure DevOps using VdProj or WIX

.Net Core Web App and Azure AD Security Groups Role Based Access

Use Azure AD groups to enable/disable functionality for your users based on their Roles.

Azure AD Custom Attributes and Optional Claims from an ASP.Net Application

Adding and retrieving custom attributes from an Azure AD

Azure Web App Restarting Automatically Due to Overwhelming Change Notification

Explore how the fcnMode setting and changes to files within wwwroot can cause application restarts.

Azure Key Vault From Azure Functions - Certificate Based Authentication

Authenticate with Azure Key Vault from Azure Function using Certificates

Azure Key Vault From Azure Functions

How to access Key Vault objects from Azure Function.

Could Not Load Assembly msshrtmi.dll?

While migrating a few Azure Cloud Services to Web Jobs, we started facing the error, Could not load assembly ... /msshrtmi.dll ,for just one of the projects. The error provides the exact path from where it is trying to load the DLL and is the same path from…

Managing Azure AD Application for Key Vault

This post looks into the life cycle of managing an Azure AD application that is used to secure access to Key Vault.

Azure Key Vault in a Real World Application

This post looks in how to handle key vault for a real world application and how to organize the keys/secrets usage.

Moving Sensitive Information from Configuration File to Azure Key Vault

This post describes on how sensitive information can be moved out of application's configuration's file to azure key vault.

Authenticating a Client Application with Azure Key Vault

This post describes the different methods by which a client application can access Azure Key Vault and use the keys for performing cryptographic activities.

Getting Started with Azure Key Vault

Please check here for scripts using the latest PowerShell cmdlets. Azure Key Vault service is a cloud hosted, HSM(Hardware Security Modules)-backed service for managing cryptographic keys and other secrets. With Azure Key Vault, the process of managing and…

Azure Key Vault and Powershell Module Version

Details out on the error, 'Please install Azure Powershell module version 0.8.13 or newer.' when trying Azure Key vault.

Azure Web Sites: Moving Wordpress to Cloud

It’s been almost an year since I have moved to this custom hosted blog and is nearing its renewal with my current host, Godaddy. Now that Azure has full support for Web Sites which enables you to deploy web applications on a scalable and reliable cloud…