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Migrating My Blog From Hugo To Gatsby

Migrating from Hugo to Gatsby

Migrating Octopress To Hugo

Migrated my blog again - Here's how I went about doing it.

HTTPS For Free and Why You Should Care

Upgrade to HTTPS for free

Maintaining a Blogging Schedule

Tips and tricks for blogging regularly.

Automatic Deployment of Future Posts With Octopress

Scheduling posts in the future and automatically deploy them in Octopress.

Continuos Delivery of Octopress Blog Using TravisCI and Docker

Setting up the automatic deployment of my blog.

Own Your URLs; Nothing Else Really Matters

The Golden Rule of Blogging - Own your URL's!

Optimizing Octopress Workflow for New Posts

Over the past month I had thought of migrating this blog to Hugo, a static site generator that is faster than the current one, Octopress. Lack of workflow for creating new posts and slower build times were the main reasons. I am the kind of person when writing…

Static Generator is All a Blog Needs - Moving to Octopress

Wordpress is what that has been powering my blog for sometime and it definitely is a blogging engine to get started with ease. But with time, I have been noticing that the load time is very high and there are a lot of plugins in the processing pipeline, even…

Azure Web Sites: Moving Wordpress to Cloud

It’s been almost an year since I have moved to this custom hosted blog and is nearing its renewal with my current host, Godaddy. Now that Azure has full support for Web Sites which enables you to deploy web applications on a scalable and reliable cloud…

Get started with your blog

If you are a programmer and don’t have a blog, then there is no better time than now to start one. Every developer should have a blog , for a very simple reason – Otherwise all your work is just going wasted!. I can bet that the best of your code or ideas…