AWS Lambda - FUNCTION URLs | .NET ON AWS | AWS Serverless | Amazon
85 views · Oct 25, 2022
Hey 👋A function URL is a dedicated HTTP(S) endpoint for your Lambda function.

When enabling Function URLs Lambda automatically generates a unique URL endpoint. Once you create a function URL, its URL endpoint never changes. Function URLs are a good choice for a single-function microservice with a public endpoint that doesn’t require the advanced functionality of API Gateway.

In this video let’s learn how to create a Lambda Function using .NET and enable Function URLs. We will learn how to handle requests coming to the Lambda URL endpoint and respond in front of the Lambda function, handle different types of HTTP requests, and how to build an API endpoint using Function URLs.

00:00 Introduction
01:35 Create Lambda Function
05:05 Local Dev Testing
06:12 Deploy Lambda Function
07:42 Enabling Function URLs
09:16 Invoking  Lambda Function URL
10:47 JSON Request Object
13:32 Handle Different HTTP Verbs
15:12 API Response
17:06 Handling GET request
20:52 Handling POST request
22:18 Testing API Endpoint
24:08 Conclusion

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