The Managed Services group within Readify is one of the most less understood groups across the whole company. Here is my take of the group, the nature of work and what’s in it for you if you are looking down Managed Services role.

I had been a full time consultant at Readify, Sydney for over two years, before I moved over to Readify,Brisbane. Soon after joining the Brisbane office I was given an opportunity to move into the Managed Services group. I was skeptical of the work at Managed Services and always thought of it as maintaining infrastructure for clients and it being something like Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS). This was a not self-formed understanding, but something I came to conclusion from my brief discussions about the group with colleagues at Sydney office.

Consulting On Steroids

My first meeting with the State Delivery Manager, Morgan on the Managed Services team transistion, put me into a lot more confusion as the role and nature of work the way he explained was completely different from what I had in mind. Giving it a further thought, I was convinced to give Managed Services team a try for six months.

Managed Services Team is about managing applications (a lot many of various clients) and keeping them running and not about managing infrastructure.

Managed Services is very similar to normal consulting and I keep referring to it as Consulting on Steroids. With consulting you are at one client for a period of time (say 3-6 months), but with managed services you would mostly have 3-4 clients a week and that keeps repeating for around 3-6 months. There is a weekly schedule that the team comes up based on the needs of the clients they are at.

Majority of the applications supported are those built by Readifarians itself.

Monthly meeting to set expectations

  • clarify wrong understanding


One of the biggest advantages working with Managed Services team is flexiblity - both with time and where you work from. Majority of the clients are set up for remote work and access. This allows the MS team to remote login into the systems from anywhere in case an urgent issue pops up at a client. Since majority of the time you would be working on small features/minor bug fixes you can do that remotely. I used to work almost 2-3 days from home and keep rotating the clients that I go into every week. Some days I started early, some days I ended late, pick/drop my son to school etc.

There might be also some blank space hours every week where you are not on any client and get to spend it looking at code reviews from other MS team members. You can also spend that time learning something new and upskilling yourself.

Keeping yourself up to date and upskilling is something that is highly supported at Readify - both is terms of time and money.

Never in my entire consulting career have I felt this amount of flexiblity and enjoyed every bit of it. Remote working is only catching up in consulting work (especially in Australia, not to say that there are none at all) TBD


Keeping the Wheels Running

  • real time problems and keeping it running
  • upgrades and vulnerability
  • up to speed very fast

Context Switch

Larger Piece of Work

  • doing large stuff

Solo Gigs

Most of the time you end up at the client as the only person from Readify which is commonly referred to as a ‘Solo gig’. You mostly miss out on the fun of being with other Readifarians and working as part of a larger team at the client side. You might miss out on certain aspects and work and fun because of that. To address this problem however what the Managed Services team has been doing is to have peer code reviews with the other members of the Managed Services team. Also as a team we try to work out of Readify office every Fridayk so that we get a chance to be together and share problems/ideas etc. This is also when we have the weekely meeting sharing on our work updates from the week before and plannning for the upcoming week.