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Exercism: A Great Addition To Your Learning Plan

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” - Aristotle

Tip of the Week: Squoosh - Make Images Smaller

Compress the images that you share online.

Tip of the Week: Azure Pipelines - How to Find Remaining Free Build Minutes?

With Azure Pipelines you can continuosly build, test and deploy to any cloud platform. Azure Pipelines has multiple options to start based on your project. Even if you are developing a private application, Pipelines offers you 1 Free parallel job with upto…

Tip of the Week: Kumon Books - Creative Workbooks

Activity books for kids.

Tip of the Week: Reading Eggs - Learning To Read Can Be Easy And Fun

A fun, easy and effective way for kids to learn to read.

Tip of the Week: Prettier - An Opinionated Code Formatter

Format your code fast, easy and consistent.

Tip of the Week: Check If You Have Been Hacked!

Check if you have an account/password that has been compromised in a data breach

Tip of the Week: Authy - Sync Two Factor Authentication Across Devices

2FA across multiple devices with cloud backups.

Tip of the Week: Four Finger Swipe Gesture to Switch Between Virtual Machines

Easily switch between VM's using the Windows Virtual Desktop feature.

Tip of the Week: Text Editing - Convert Text Casing

Convert between text casing quick and easy.

Tip of the Week: Laps in Training Mode - Garmin Watches

Auto Lap not working under training mode in some Garmin watches. Here's how to fix it

Tip of the Week: Postman - Chaining Requests to Speed Up Manual API Tests

Pass data from response of one API to another API request.

Tip of the Week: Text Editing - Extract Data

Extract specific information from large text files.

Tip of the Week: Text Editing - Split or Combine Multiple Lines

Using a text editor to split or combine multiple lines of text.

Tip of the Week: Electronically Sign PDF - No More Printing and Scanning

Sign PDF files without needing to print and scan them back again.

Tip of the Week: Office Lens - Scan Documents With Your Phone

Your pocket scanner!

Tip of the Week: The Headphones Rule

Are you open to interruptions?

Tip of the Week: Visual Studio Dev Essentials

Free tools, cloud services, and training all for free!

Tip of the Week: Learn Touch Typing

We are typist first, and programmers second.

Tip of the Week: Analyze Your Site Performance

Make your sites go faster

Tip of the Week: Chocolatey - Install Softwares With Ease

The sane way to manage software on Windows.

Tip of the Week: Testing Your Website Under Different Bandwidths

How does your site behave on a lower bandwidth?

Tip of the Week: Hemingway Editor - Improve Your Writing

Writing is hard work. A clear sentence is no accident. Very few sentences come out right the first time, or even the third time. Remember this in moments of despair. If you find that writing is hard, it's because it is hard. -- William Zinsser, On Writing Well…

Tip of the Week: Beyond Compare - Compare Files Quick and Easy

Beyond Compare allows you to quickly and easily compare your files and folders.

Tip of the Week: Grammarly - Improve Your Writing

Grammarly makes sure everything you type is clear, effective, and mistake-free.

Tip of the Week: Fiddler - Free Web Debugging Proxy

Fiddler is an HTTP debugging proxy server application and captures HTTP and HTTPS traffic. It is one of the tools in my essential toolkit list . Fiddler allows debugging traffic from PC, MAC, Linux and mobile systems. It helps inspect the raw requests and…

Tip of the Week: Using Git Locally in a TFVC Repository

Use the power of git even with TFVC source control.

Tip of the Week: Spigen - Awesome Phone Cases

If you are looking to get a case for your phone, then check out cases by Spigen . I have been using Spigen cases for over three years, and I totally recommend it. Spigen cases are made with premium materials and are slim, sleek and simple. Spigen provides…

Tip of the Week: PNGGauntlet - Smash PNGs for Faster Sites

Optimize images for the web.

Tip of the Week: - A Layman's Photoshop

For my blog's I often have to edit, resize, modify images often. The default paint application with Windows lacks a lot of features while Photoshop is too advanced for my needs. is a freely available tool with many advanced features and is…

Tip of the Week: Pocket - Don't Miss Out on the Articles That You Want to Read Later

Manage articles that you want to read, but just don't have the time for it right now!

Tip of the Week: Feedly - One Stop Reading Place

Do you want a one stop reading place to stay current and updated with posts from various blogs of your interest? Feedly is a news aggregator application that compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources Feedly is what you are looking for. You can…

Tip of the Week: Password Manager - Get One If you Haven't Already

The only secure password is the one you can’t remember

Tip of the Week: Visual Studio Task List - Keep Track of Your TODO Comments

Track your unfinished work in one place.

Tip of the Week: IF This Then That (IFTTT) - Connect Your Services

Do more with the services you love.

Tip of the Week: f.lux - Make it Easy For Your Eyes

Make the color of your computer display adapt to the time of day.

Tip of the Week: Buffer - Smarter Social Sharing

Posts on this blog are published automatically on preset dates. I have created a custom workflow for this in Octopress, my blogging framework. If you are interested in the end to end workflow check out my video on it . Publishing to different social media was…

Tip of the Week: AutoFixture - Make Your Unit Tests Robust

AutoFixture is an open source library for .NET designed to minimize the 'Arrange' phase of your unit tests in order to maximize maintainability

Tip of the Week: Improved Code Navigation in Visual Studio 2017

Navigate the code faster!

Tip of the Week: Rescue Time - Track Your Time

Wondering where your time goes? Start Tracking!

Tip of the Week: Tomighty - A Pomodoro Timer

A Pomodoro Timer for Windows which does one thing and that thing right

Tip of the Week: Track Current File in Visual Studio Solution Explorer

Keep Visual Studio Solution Explorer in sync with the current working file.

Tip of the Week: Switching Subscriptions Under Same Azure Account to Access Key Vaults

Switching Azure RM subscriptions to access vaults under different subscriptions.

Tip of the Week: Todoist: Manage your To-Do List

A To-Do list manager that has been working for me over two years.

Tip of the Week: Screenshots with Snagit

Is PrtScn the best way to take screenshots?

Tip of the Week: Moving Selected Lines in Visual Studio

Using the keyboard to move selected lines up/down.

Tip of the Week: Quick Launch in Visual Studio

Quickly navigate in Visual Studio using Quick Launch (Ctrl + Q)

Tip of the Week: Cmder - Portable Console Emulator for Windows

I have been using Cmder as my command line for around two years and been loving it. I am not a super user of the command line, but try to use it more and more. Cmder is a software package created out of pure frustration over the absence of good console…

Tip of the Week: Finding Keyboard Shortcuts on Websites

How to find keyboard shortcuts on websites?

Tip of the Week: Productivity Noise with Noisli

Want an interesting mix of sounds while working? Check out Noisli.

Tip of the Week: Paste Without Formatting

Copy-Paste text without the formatting