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My daily drivers, tools, softwares and gadgets that help me do what I do. I do keep changing things often, so plan to keep this page updated as it happens.

2021: What Went Well, What Didn't and Goals

A short recap of the year that is gone by, and looking forward! Bought a house, crossed 10k YouTube subscribers, renewed as Microsoft MVP, became an AWS Community Builder, and continued blogging. Getting fitter took a back seat. Looking forward to 2022.

2021: Quarter 2 Review and Goals Looking Forward to Quarter 3

A short recap of the 2021 second quarter that is gone by, and looking forward! I did reasonably well in three out of for focus Areas.

2021: Quarter 1 Review and Goals Looking Forward to Quarter 2

A short recap of the 2021 first quarter that is gone by, and looking forward! I did reasonably well in three out of for focus Areas.

2020: What Went Well, What Didn't and Goals

A short recap of the year that is gone by and looking forward!

2019: What Went Well, What Didn't and Goals

A short recap of the year that is gone by and looking forward!

2018: What Went Well, What Didn't and Goals

A short recap of the year that is gone by and looking forward!

Working Effectively Under Constraints

At times you might be working in environments where there are a lot of restrictions on the tools that you can use, the process that you need to follow, etc. Under these circumstances, it is essential that we stick to some core and fundamental principles and…

Share and Inspire

Share whatever you are doing, no matter how small it is. It might inspire someone else!

2017: What Went Well, What Didn't and Goals

A short recap of the year that is gone by and looking forward!

How to Start New Habits That Stick

The beginning of a good habit is the elimination of an excuse. And The beginning of a bad habit is the finding of an excuse The ability to pick on something and to make a habit of it is something that is always helpful. This skill helps to create new habits…

How I Went From Couch to Half Marathon in Twelve Weeks

Update on how I have been going about my running.

The Problems with Known Exceptions and Ignoring It

Having known errors and exceptions in the applications we develop and maintain can have a larger impact than we think.

Learnings from The Professional Scrum Master (PSM) Course

My takeaways from the 2-day PSM Course.

Recording My First Screencast

Screencast helps to connect with people in a different way and adds a personal touch (sound and visual). It makes learning new things faster, by seeing it in action. Most of the fine details (which can be missed while writing a blog post) get captured in…

Making Code Reviews Effective

This post highlights on some learning and practices involved in Code Reviews.

Self-help Books

Books that helped me.

2016: What Went Well, What Didn't and Goals

A short recap of the year that is gone by and looking forward!

Solve the Business Problem, Don't Mimic The Process

Describes on the importance of seeing the computing problems attached to a business problems when automating business processes.

Staying in the Learning Loop

Things that help me when learning something new.

My Morning Routine

Find a Morning Routine that works for you!

Finding a Job Abroad

How I found a job in Sydney.

Own Your URLs; Nothing Else Really Matters

The Golden Rule of Blogging - Own your URL's!

Life Learnings After Being a Parent

His father asked Ethan in a raspy voice, "You spend time with your son?" "Much as I can," he’d answered, but his father had caught the lie in his eyes. "It’ll be your loss, Ethan. Day'll come, when he’s grown and it’s too late, that you'd give a kingdom to go…

Make it Easy for the New Person Joining the Team - Have a Project Ramp up Plan

Recently I was in a discussion with my friend/colleague on conducting a few ramp up sessions for the new hires in our team. The discussion went as below, Me: We should hold a few sessions to make the new guys in team more comfortable Friend: It's too early for…

Checking in Package Dependencies into Source Control

This post looks into why we should include packages in the source control and not resolve it via configuration files at build time. Over the past few years, Package Managers have gained an important role in the way software gets developed. There is an…

Developer Learnings from the IKEA Experience

When we moved over to Sydney, last year, we had to start over with all the home furnishings. Since we were just starting out, didn't want to spent a lot on furnishings, so decided to go with IKEA for its cost effectiveness and value for money. IKEA is a…

Getting Started With Freelancing Jobs Online

Freelancing is a good way to learn new technology, get some hands on experience and not getting limited to the technology stack at your full-time job and of course earn some extra money!. There is a great demand for developers out there, so if its 'legal…

Language Agnostic Books For Every Developer 2

Exactly a year back I had written about the same topic , and over the time I have picked up a few more books, that I am sharing here. Like the earlier post I will let the books do the talking. xUnit Test Patterns : Refactoring Test Code Growing Object…

Language Agnostic Books For Every Developer

Reading is inevitable to keep up to date with the latest technologies and rapid changes happening in the programming world. But technology is nothing but a tool for getting things done. What one has to understand are the concepts and principles underlying…

Get started with your blog

If you are a programmer and don’t have a blog, then there is no better time than now to start one. Every developer should have a blog , for a very simple reason – Otherwise all your work is just going wasted!. I can bet that the best of your code or ideas…

MVVM – Does it really matter?

MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel), is a popular architectural pattern since WPF/Silverlight. Separation of concerns(UI/code), testability etc are some of the key things that motivates one to go via the MVVM route. There are innumerous articles out there, just like…

Venturing out

Blogs are always a very good medium to express our thoughts,views,knowledge and much more.In cases of where you blog on topics new to you,blogging can also be a way to learn and to get feedback. But what good does it come to if the reader base for your blogs…

Stars Do Count!!!!

For all those who are wondering what this stars are,please go through my first post on this. Casually browsing through my mails today morning,I found a mail with the subject stating,' Your online community contributions have been recognized by Microsoft…

Attachments in email - a new way

Just a though on a new mail attachment way :). What if we could attach existing attachments in our mailbox to new mails that we want to send.Forwarding the mail that had the attachment might not be a good solution in many a cases. The key point here is that…


As I was migrating my blogs on to wordpress,I just went through all my previous posts.It seems all my posts are just a brief overview ,very brief indeed,on various topics and promising detailed posts in due time.But nothing detailed ever turned up.I guess I…

Seek the problem, Not the Solution

It’s not uncommon to have problems in life, and so in the application/code that you write. I am not being too techie here. It’s just I am relating my thoughts to something technical. Being a software engineer, writing code is inevitable in my day-to-day life…

Hero or a Cheat????

Do Stars Count????

Quite a few of you might be thinking on what this "Stars" are :).It's nothing other than the " little medals under ones Display Name ".Think I have put you again in thought.Not for too long but,it is the MSDN forum rating that I am talking about. I started…

Ebook Or Hard Copy

Hi, Of late I have developed the habit of reading books,most of them technical and few others which i feel interesting or of controversial topics.Now in the era of computers you get all the books of choice available right at the click of a button.But I prefer…