Articles related to JavaScript

Setting Up A Fake REST API Using JSON Server

JSON Server is a great way to set up a full fake REST API for front-end development. JSON server can be set up literally in '30 seconds' and with no coding as the website claims. Capture some of the real API's data if it already exists or create a mock data…

Setting up an Electron Application using create-react-app Template

Electron application using React.

Azure Key Vault From Node.js

Connecting to Azure Key Vault from Node.js

ReactJS: Setting up the Environment

This post helps setting up the development environment for React on VS Code using Browserify and Gulp I have been playing around with React for the past few days and liking the one way binding and immutability concept that it puts forward. The component…

Learning TypeScript: Setting up the Environment

A short post on setting up the environment for starting with TypeScript, so as to see generated JavaScript real-time.

yo ko - A Yeoman Generator For KnockoutJS

Templates/Scaffolding is something that we are all used to nowadays, given that we use an IDE for development. Visual Studio is one popular IDE, that is very popular among people developing on the Microsoft platform. Visual studio comes with a lot of pre…

KnockoutJS For XAML Developers

After a very long time since I have actually wanted to move out to web development, recently I have started developing a website as part of my personal project, along with a friend of mine. I have been into desktop/mobile development on Microsoft technologies…