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Fixed: Jaybird Run - Right Earbud Not Charging

A few months back, I got a used Jaybird run headphones to listen to music while running. I enjoy running with those, and they are a perfect fit. It has never dropped off during my runs. However, after a couple of weeks, the right earbuds stopped charging…

Review: Pixel, Phone by Google - Made by Google

Worth considering if you are looking out for a new phone.

Tip of the Week: Spigen - Awesome Phone Cases

If you are looking to get a case for your phone, then check out cases by Spigen . I have been using Spigen cases for over three years, and I totally recommend it. Spigen cases are made with premium materials and are slim, sleek and simple. Spigen provides…

Review: Six Months and Counting - Logitech MX Master

If you are looking for a new mouse give Logitech MX Master a try!

Staying Productive Offline

Setting up my smartphone to stay productive without an internet connection.

Review: Two Months and Counting - Android and Nexus 5

Gadgets, especially mobile phones have always been of interest to me and so is it even today. Its been over two months since I have moved over to Android on Nexus 5. I have been a loyal, hardcore Windows phone fan for over 3 years before that and it did take…

What made me choose : Vanguard UP-Rise 45

Deciding on a dslr was not so tough a year back, it was either Canon or Nikon and it just happened that i chose Canon since in the beginner level series neither seemed to make a difference, at least for me. I have a Canon 550d with a set of beginner level…

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