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Understand CORS and Learn How to Enable it for Your ASP NET API

Cross Origin Resource Sharing or CORS in short is a W3C standard that allows a server to relax the same-origin policy. Learn more about CORS, how to enable it for an ASP NET Web API, Preflight requests and more.

Are You Using HttpClient in The Right Way?

If not used correctly it's easy to run into socket exhaustion and DNS related issues with HttpClient in .NET Core. Learn how to identify these issues and how to use HttpClient class in the right way.

How To Easily Generate Data For SpecFlow Tests

Automatically generate data using AutoFixture when writing SpecFlow tests.

Azure AD Custom Attributes and Optional Claims from an ASP.Net Application

Adding and retrieving custom attributes from an Azure AD

ASP.NET Web API and External Login - Authenticating with Social Networks

The ASP.NET Web API project created from the default template in Visual Studio 2013 comes with an option to choose the Authentication method. The 'Individual User Accounts' option of authorization will allow users of your API to authenticate using exisitng…

Getting Started with ASP.NET Web Api

A web api is to expose your application’s programming interface over the web,using the HTTP interface.This makes the api accessible from any device that can make HTTP calls.With the wide range of devices that’s available nowadays,Web Api would be the best way…


Windows Communication Foundation(WCF) brought around a unified programming model for building service oriented application.All the previous technologies that was used to build services like MSMQ, remoting, ASMX Web Services,all came under one umbrella. WCF had…

REST...after a long time

It's not been too long since I have been  into Web development,but I have already started hearing the buzz word every now and then. REpresentational State Transfer(REST). Aaron Skonnard left me with enough curiosity and confusions with his Why we need REST…